Yoga Day Celebration

The COVID-19 tragedy has highlighted the urgent need to address the physical and mental health dimension. People around the world embraced yoga to stay healthy and rejuvenated and to fight against these odds. So this year in RCPIT we organized “Yoga Month Celebration” which deals with performing yoga with different dimension every week. This entire programme was guided by yoga experts Dr. S. Wadile Sir, Mr B. Nerpagar Sir and Dr.V.S.Patil Sir. The theme of this year's Yoga Day celebrations is 'Yoga for Humanity' and more than 200 people took part in doing yoga in unison towards better health and wellness for all at RCPIT Shirpur. Main attraction was mass Surya Namaskar demonstration programme for more than 200 people performed few sets of suryanamaskar. RCPIT is made a record of performing 2575 Suryanamaskar on international Yoga Day. Scientifically, Surya Namaskar has been known to develop immunity and improve vitality, which is significant to health and happiness. The Surya Namaskar tones the entire body, helps with weight loss, and strengthens muscles and joints. After Suryanamaskar the Basic Yogaasans and Pranayam followed with little of Laughter yoga. The session ended with green tea and fruits breakfast for students and faculties.