Computer Engineering Department Library

Library remains genuine to its mission of assistance and creation of new knowledge through procurement, organization, and spread of information resources through standard upgrading and giving esteem included services. The Departmental library features a solid collection of content books with over hundreds of titles on an assortment of points. Library also has Ph.D. Theses, reports, lab manuals etc. The collection is solid in all viewpoints with extraordinary qualities in Programming basics, Software development, Computer Architecture and Organization, Operating systems, Networking and Data base Administrations and on Internet technologies.

Total No. of Titles: 248
Total No. of Volumes: 258

RCPIT Library E-Resources are now available online and can be accessed through the internet using the following web portal. Students are requested to visit and access library resources regularly.  

Computer Engineering – Department Library Details :

Sr. No. Name of Journal
1 Indian Journal of Advanced Software Engineering
2 Indian Journal of Applied Computational Intelligence and Soft Computing
3 Indian Journal of Information Technology and Database Systems
4 Indian Journal of Embedded Software and Open Source Systems
5 STM Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research & Advances
6 Indian Journal of Cybermetics & Hybrid Computing
7 STM Recent Trends in Programming Languages
8 Indian Journal of Internet and Computer Research
9 Indian Journal of Neural Networks and Applications
10 Indian Journal of Image Processing and Applications
11 Indian Journal of Data Mining & Warehouse
12 Indian Journal of Mobile Communication, Networking and Applications


Sr. No. Name of Magazines
3 Digital Learning
4 Discover India
5 Electrical India
6 P C Quest
7 Science India
8 Sports Star
9 Voice & Data
10 Electronicss for You
11 Engineering Success Review
12 Competition Success Review


Sr. No. Name of Book Author Publication
1 Artificial Intelligence Application Programing M.Tim Jone Dreamtech
2 Multimedia & Web Design Vikas Gupta Dreamtech
3 Fundamental Of Network Security Eric Maiwald Dreamtech
4 Modern Digital Electronics R.P.Jain Tata McGraw-Hill
5 Object Oriented Progaming Through Java ISRD Group Tata McGraw-Hill
6 Network Security Eric Maiwald Tata McGraw-Hill
7 RDMS Concept L&T Infotech L&T Infotech
8 Object Oriented Analysis & Design Mika O Docherty Dreamtech
9 C++ Solution For The Matematical Problem Arun Ghosh New age International
10 Building The Data Warehouse William H.Inmon Dreamtech
11 Visual C++ 2005 Wiley India Horton
12 Data Mining Modeling Data For Risk & CRM Olvia Porr Rud Dreamtech
13 Efective Project Management Rudd mcgary Dreamtech
14 E-Business & Commerce Brahim Gaher Dreamtech
15 Oop With C++ L&T Infotech Dreamtech
16 Software Engginering Rogers pressman Mc-Graw-Hill
17 Operating System Dhamdhere Mc-Graw-Hill
18 CET Agrawals Pressman
19 Software Engginering Wamans Tata McGraw-Hill
20 Computer Design Dr.O.G.Kakde Pressman
21 Computer Science Ashok Arora Firewall Media
22 Oprating System Concept P.S. Gill Firewall Media
23 The Design & Analysis Of Algorithms Anany& Levitin Pearson
24 The 8051 Micro controller I.Scott mackenzie Pearson
25 Data Base Mangment System Sharad Maheshwari Firewall Media
26 Compiler Design Dr.O.G.Kakde Pearson
27 Word Wide Web Robert W. sebesta Pearson
28 Java Programing G.S.Balluja Dhanpat Rai
29 Data Communication V.S.Bagad Technical Publication Pune
30 Software Engginering K.K. Agrawal International Publication
31 Managament & Finance V.S.Bagad Technical Publication Pune
32 Digital System Design A.P. Godse Technical Publication Pune
33 Theroy Of Computation A.A. Puntambekar Technical Publication Pune
34 Theroy Of Computation Dr.O.G.Kakde Technical Publication Pune
35 Object Oriented Programing Balguruswami Tata McGraw-Hill
36 Compiler Constraction Dhanpat rai Manish Kumar
37 The Linux application development Johnson Pearson
38 Discreat Matematics Marc Lipson Tata McGraw-Hill
39 Neural Network Satish Kumar Tata McGraw-Hill
40 Discreat Matematics & Structure Satinder Balgupta Tata McGraw-Hill
41 Theroy Of Computation Vivek Kulkarani Tech-Max
42 Linux Kernal Programing Bohme LPE
43 Embeded System Daniel J. Pack Pearson
44 Computer Garphics S.S. Pawale Tech-Max
45 Programing in c J.B. Dixit Firewall Media
46 Object Oriented Programming with C++ Bave Patekar Pearson
47 Data Structure & Algorithams Hari Mohan Pande Pearson
48 Wireless Comunication & Network William Stallings Pearson
49 Relational Data Base Manegment System Dhanpat rai Pearson
50 Micro Controller & Embeded System A.P. Godse Technical Publication Pune
51 Digital Electronic& Microprocessor A.P. Godse Technical Publication Pune
52 Multimedia Web Technology Ramesh Bangia Firewall Media
53 Data & Computer Network Communication Shashi Banjal Firewall Media
54 Embeded Software Primer David E. Simon Pearson
55 Automata & Therotical Computer Science B.R.Ragde Pearson
56 Computer Organisation ISRD Group Pearson
57 Data Communication & Computer Network ISRD Group Tata McGraw-Hill
58 Mastering Data Structure Through C Language J.B. Dixit Pearson
59 Data Comunication & Networking Forouzan Mc-Graw-Hill
60 System Programing & Oprating System D.M.Dhamdhare Mc-Graw-Hill
61 Object Oriented Programing J.K. Baluja Dhanpat Rai
62 Data Structure Algorithams Application In C++ Sartaj Shani Pearson
63 Fundamental Of Computer Algorithms Sartaj Shani Pearson
64 Digital Electronic& Microprocessor J.S. Katre Tech-Max
65 Computer Graphics & Multimedia G.S.Balluja Dhanpat Rai
66 Theory Of Comunications O.G.Kakde Pearson
67 Data Structure Through G.S.Balluja Dhanpat Rai
68 Theory Of Comunications Shushil Kumar Dhanpat Rai
69 Design Analysis & Algorithms Hari Mohan Pande Dhanpat Rai
70 Numerical Method & Statical Technology Manish Goyal Pearson
71 DB2 Express C Rahul R Chong Avinasha Krishna
72 Microprocessor & Enterpresing Dougtes Mc-Graw-Hill
73 IBM    
74 International Conforence PDVVP Anagar  
75 Enabling Champions L&T Infotech L&T Infotech
76 Graguate Aptitude Test    
77 Object Oriented Programing With Java Rajkumar Busa Mc-Graw-Hill
78 Advanced Computer Arkitecchture Naresh Jotwanil Mc-Graw-Hill
79 Dataware Housing Data Mining & Olap Stafen J Smith Mc-Graw-Hill
80 Data Structure Algorithms In c++ Bijendra Kuma Joshi Mc-Graw-Hill
81 Operating System Atul Kate Mc-Graw-Hill
82 Operating System Godbole Mc-Graw-Hill
83 Mordern Digital Electronics R.P.Jain Mc-Graw-Hill
84 Data Comunication & Networking Beruja & Fouzen Mc-Graw-Hill
85 Principal Of Compiler Design V. Raghwan Mc-Graw-Hill
86 Data Structure With Java Jhon Mc-Graw-Hill
87 Advanced 80386 James Turlex Mc-Graw-Hill
88 Intoduction To language Jhon Mc-Graw-Hill
89 Digital Image Processing Richards Mc-Graw-Hill
90 Unix Concept & Application Sumita Bhadas Tata McGraw-Hill
91 Introduction To Languages John Siman Tata McGraw-Hill
92 ArtiFicial & Intelligence Kevin Knight Tata McGraw-Hill
93 Discreate Matematic & Structure Balgupta Pearson
94 Numerical Method & Statical Technology Manish Goyal Pearson
95 Internet Wor Wide Web P.J. Detal Pearson
96 Operational Reasem Manohar Mahajan Dhanpat Rai
97 Data Structure J.S. Baluja Dhanpat Rai
98 Programing In c J.B. Dixit Firewall Media
99 Introduction To Database Manegment System Satinder Balgupta Pearson
100 Computer Network Technology G.S.Katre Tech-Max
101 AD-Hoc Wirless Network Siva Ram Multi Pearson
102 Theroy Of Computation Sushil Kumar Dhanpat Rai
103 Digital Siganal Prosessing Sali vahanan Mc-Graw-Hill
104 Object Oriented Programing J.S. Baluja Mc-Graw-Hill
105 Programing Ansi C Balguruswami Mc-Graw-Hill
106 Software Engginering Davin shah Dreamtech
107 Object Oriented Programing Rajesh K Shukla Wely India
108 Fandamental Of Computer & Programing Mittal Pragati
109 Fandamental Of Computer & Programing J.B. Dixit Pearson
110 Computer System & Design Arkitechture Hari R. Zorjan Pearson
111 Hight Speed Network & Internet William Stallings Pearson
112 Theroy Of Computer Sciance Pradnya kulkar Satya
113 Theroy Of Computation O.G.Kakde Pearson
114 Parallel Computing M.R. Bhujade A
115 Computer Based & Numerical Statistical Techniques A.k.Jaiswal A
116 Introduction Of Computer & Basic Programing C. Xavier A
117 Computer Course Nagpal S.Chand
118 C Programing Essentias Bandyop Pearson
119 Data Comunication & Network Atul Kate Mc-Graw-Hill
120 A Referance Manual Samuel P. Pearson
121 Problem Solving & Programing Design In c Jeri R. Hanly Pearson
122 Basic Computer Enginering   Dreamtech
123 Object Oriented Programing c++ Robrt Lafore Pearson
124 C Programing A.M.Kamthe Pearson
125 Programing In C R.Subburaj Vikas Jayapoovan
126 Programing With c Jayapoovan Jayapoovan
127 Object Oriented Programing With C++ Rohit Khurani Vikas Jayapoovan
128 Computer Programing Ashok A. Pearson
129 Programing In c Practical Approch Ajay Mittal Pearson
130 Programin In C Reema Thareja Oxford
131 Problem Solving & Programing Concept Sprankle Pearson
132 Embedded Systems Raj kamal Mc-Graw-Hill
133 Internal Combustion Engines Ganesan Mc-Graw-Hill
134 Theory Of Automata languages & Computation Rajendra Kumar Mc-Graw-Hill
135 Mordern Digital Electronics R.P.Jain Mc-Graw-Hill
136 Procedural Element Computer Graphics David F. Rogers Mc-Graw-Hill
137 8051 Microcontroller V Udayashannkra Mc-Graw-Hill
138 Technofocus ISSN 2229  
139 Project Using C++ PVN Varalakshmi Scitech
140 Computer Fundamentals & C Programing Dr.Amiya Kumar Rath Scitech
141 Programing In C Dr.Amiya Kumar Rath Scitech
142 Project Using C PVN Varalakshmi Scitech
143 C-Simpler Dr.D.P. Kothan S.Chand
144 Artificial Intenlligence Rajiv Chopra S.Chand
145 Microprocessor & Interfacing Douglas V. Hall RAO
146 ComputerNetwork& Communication Dumas Pearson
148 Data Base Mangment System ITL EducationSolution Limited Pearson
149 Java Programing   Pearson
150 Computer Organisation And Architecture ITL EducationSolution Limited  
151 Compilers   Perason
152 Data Communication William Bayda
153 Computer Network Kurose Pearson
154 Automata Computability and Complexity Elaine Rich Pearson
155 Mobile Cellular Communication Rao Perason
156 Discrete Mathmatical Structures B.V.Ramana Pearson
157 Data Warehousing & Data Mining Xpress Learining ITL Education
158 Principal Of Compiler Design Xpress Learining ITL Education
159 Web Technology Srinivasan Pearson
160 Compilers Ravi Sethi Pearson
161 OOP With C++ Mahesh Pearson
162 ++ Programming Madhusudan Mothe Pearson
163 Computer Programming Ashok N. Kamthane Pearson
164 Open Source Web Development with Lamp James lee & Brent Ware Pearson
165 Computer Systems Architecture ROB Willams Pearson
166 Working with Personal Computer Software R.P.Soni & Sonal Jain Willey India
167 Computer Science ITL EducationSolution Limited Pearson
168 Object Oriented Programming E- Balagurusamy Tata McGraw-Hill
169 Programming In ANSI E- Balagurusamy Tata McGraw-Hill
170 Computer Networks Udit Agarwal Dhanpat Rai
171 Metrics & Models in Software Engineering Stephen H. Kan Pearson
172 Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment W. Richard Pearson
173 Cryptogrphy And Networks Security Willlam Stallings Pearson
174 Compact Oxford English Dictionary   Oxford
175 New Programmers Survival Manual Josh Caster SPD
176 Computer Organisation-design and architecture Sajjan G. Shiva CRC
177 Core Network Protocols Brue Hartpence SPD
178 Routing and Switching Brue Hartpence SPD
179 Graph Theory with application Dr. Sukhedu SPD
180 Java Shirish Chavan SPD
181 Data Structure and Algorithms Prof. Maria S. Rukardikar SPD
182 Fundamental of Computer Graphics Peter Shirtely, Steve Marschru SPD
183 Cpmuter Graphics ISRD Group Tata McGraw Hill
184 Elements of Discrete Mathematics C. L. Liu Tata McGraw Hill
185 Computer Architecture and Organization John P. Hayes Tata McGraw Hill
186 Data Structures using 'C' ISRD Group Tata McGraw Hill
187 Object Oriented System Development Carol Britton Tata McGraw Hill
188 Data Structures G. A. V. PAI Tata McGraw Hill
189 8086 Microprocessor and its application A. Nagoor Wani Tata McGraw Hill
190 Sratigies fo rimproving your business communication Dr. Mido R. Qubein SPD
191 Algorithms with C Kyle Loudon SPD
192 Algorithms in a Murshell O Reilly SPD
193 Procedural Elements for Complete Graphics David F. Rogers Tata McGraw Hill
194 Advanced Microprocessor Daniel J. Pack  
195 Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Soumitra Kumar Mandal  
196 Mordern Digital Electronics R. P. Jain  
197 Advanced Microprocessor and peripherals K. M. Bhurchandi  
198 8086 Microprocessor and its application A. Nagoor Wani  
199 Microprocesssor and is applications Douglas V. Hall  
200 Information Theory Coding and Cryptography Ranjan Bose Mc-Graw-Hill
201 Digital Computer Electronics Malvino Brown Mc-Graw-Hill
202 TCP/IP Libor Dostalek, Alena Kabelova  
203 Feedback Control for Computer System Philipp K. Janen SPD
204 Murach's 4 Web Programming with C# 2010 (4th Edition) Anne Boehm, Joel Murach SPD
205 Java EE 6 Arun Gupta SPD
206 Wireless Sensor Network Robert Faludi SPD
207 UML 2.0 Russmiles and Kim Hamilton SPD
208 E-Marketing Prasad Gadkan SPD
209 Core Java Sharanam Shah, Vaishali Shah SPD
210 Management Information System Sachin Kadam SPD
211 SQL and Relational Theory C. J. Date SPD
212 Database Design and Relational Theory C. J. Date SPD
213 Web Programming (Building internet application) Chris Bate Willey India
214 Web Technology   DreamTech
215 Management Information System Rahul D. Willey India
216 E-business Michel P. Papazogloa Willey India
217 Software Engginering Pankaj Jalotes Willey India
218 Networing Sosinsky Willey India
219 SQL and PL/SQL for Oracle 11G Dr. P. S. deshpande DreamTech
220 Software Engginering Jamesh S. Peters Willey India
221 Computer Programming in Java G.T. Thampi DreamTech
222 Introduction to Database Management Mark L. Gillenm Willey India
223 Algorithm Design Michel T. Goodrich Willey India
224 E-commerce Fundamental and application Henry Chan Willey India
225 Software Engginering Hans Van Willey India
226 Core Java Dr. R. Nageswara Rao DreamTech
227 Java 7 Balck Book DreamTech
228 Oprating System in Depth Thomas Doeppnev Willey India
229 Object Oriented Analysis & Design Mike O'Docherly Willey India
230 Linux Lab-Hands on Linux Deven M. Shah DreamTech
231 Linux Command Line an Shell Scripting Blam Bresnahan Willey Edition
232 Data Minig for Business Intelligence Galit Shmueli Willey Edition
233 Computer Network Natalia Olifer Willey Edition
234 Object Oriented Design and Patterns Cay harstman Willey Edition
235 Theory of Computation Kavi Mahesh Willey Edition
236 Data Warehousing Ponniah Willey Edition
237 Computer Theory Daniel I. A. Cohan Willey Edition
238 System Programming Rajeshkumar Maurya DreamTech
239 Information Technology for Management Efraim Turban Willey Edition
240 Developing Web Application M. T. Savaliya Willey Edition
241 Formal Language and Automata Theory Basavaraj S. Anani Willey Edition
242 Operating System Concept Peter B. Galvin Willey Edition
243 Database System Concept Silberschalz Mc-Graw-Hill
244 Distributed System Tanenbaum, Van Steen PHI
245 Cryptography and Network Security William Stallings Pearson
246 Hadoop in Action Chunk Lamp DreamTech
247 Big Data Schmarzoo Willey
248 Beginning R Dr. Mark Gardener Wrox