Electrical Engineering Student’s Association

Student Association:


The Electrical Engineering Student Association (ELSA) represents current students within the Electrical Engineering department. The goal is to organize social and professional activities which strengthen and enrich the community, and to help publicize various research activities within the department It organizes social events, hosts talks by guest speakers and students, and facilitates communication between the department functionaries and the students.

Objective of Student Association:

  • To organize the training programs/ seminars/ workshops on latest technology to enhance the technical skill set of students and faculties.
  • To enrich and empower the minds of students by conducting technical event / competitions regularly.
  • To organize the Technical, Non-Technical events to improve the leadership quality among the students.


  • Students learned to develop the communication and collaboration skills to correspond professionally with each other.
  • Students comprehended to articulate and reflect strengths and weaknesses on personal skills and abilities.
  • Students obtained the knowledge about leadership quality and also to identify and plan all aspects of an event/program.