Department Advisory Board

Department Advisory Board

The Role and Responsibility of Departmental Advisory Board (DAB)

  • To approve the Vision & Mission of the department.
  • To approve the PEOs, PSOs, COs of the department.
  • To define current and future issues related to program.
  • To develop / recommend new or revised PEOs, PSOs.
  • To recommend the proposals / requirements for effective implementation of OBE.
  • To provide guidelines in enrichment of curriculum and deployment of the same.
  • To analyze and evaluate program level gaps.
  • To recommend various assessment tools for measuring outcomes.
  • To evaluate the attainment of PEOs, PSOs, POs and propose necessary improvements/actions.
  • To recommend research and entrepreneurship guidelines.

Constitution of the DAB

Sr. No Position in DAB Name Email ID
1 Chairman Prof. Dr. J. B. Patil
R. C. Patel Institute of Technology, Shirpur.
2 Vice-Chairman and 
Prof. Dr. P. J. Deore
Vice Principal,Head, Department of EandTC
R. C. Patel Institute of Technology, Shirpur.
3 Member (Academia ) Prof. Dr. Amit A. Deshmukh 
Head, Department of EandTC, SVKM’s DJS
COE, Mumbai.
4 Member ( Industry ) Dr. Patil Bhushan Dayaram 
Lead Scientist, GE Healthcare, Pune.
5 Member ( Industry ) Mr. Satish Sadashivrao Ghugane
Leader Systems Engineering, CISCO,
6 Member ( Alumni )

Mrs. Sadhana Rawal Singh
7 Member ( Alumni ) Mr. Rahul Kankariya
8 Member ( Parent ) Dr. S. G. Chaudhari
9 Member ( Parent ) Mr. Mali Yogesh Fakira
10 Member ( PAC ) Prof. P. R. Bhole
11 Member (Faculty ) Prof. Dr. S. A. Patil
12 Member ( Faculty) Prof. Dr. J. B. Jadhav
13 Member ( Student ) SY

Mr. Prathamesh Yogesh Mali
14 Member ( Student ) TY Mr. Om Rakesh Patil
15 Member ( Student ) BTech Miss. Shubhangi Sukadev Mahajan