SC/ST Cell

SC/ST Cell

Constitution of SC/ST Cell:

Sr.No Name of the Member Category Designation
1 Prof. Dr. J. B. Patil Director Chairman
2 Prof. A. R. Mahire Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering Member
3 Prof. N. G. Shinde   Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering Member
4 Prof. A. D. Mairale Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering (Data Science) Member
5 Mr. Nitin R. Deore Department of Mechanical Enginnering Student Representative
6 Miss. Bhavna V. Dabhade Department of Mechanical Engineering Student Representative
7 Mr. Piyush S. More Department of Electrical Engineering Student Representative
8 Miss. Punam N. Pawar Department of Electrical Engineering Student Representative
9 Mr. Rohit A. Thorat Department of Computer Engineering Student Representative

Objectives of SC/ST Cell:

  • To Guide students of SC/ST category of the Institute, to avail the benefits of the various schemes floated by Government and UGC.
  • To promote equality and social justice for SC/ST students.
  • To monitor the SC/ST students in enhancing their academic performance.
  • To assist the SC/ST students in optimizing their development in their personal and social life.
  • To help the SC/ST students to integrate with the mainstream of the university community and to remove difficulties, which they may be experiencing.

Functions of SC/ST Cell:

  • To provide facility of online Scholarship form filling on Maharashtra state government portal.
  • To support student progress in their academic, co-curriculum extra- curriculum by implementing local guardian scheme.
  • Development of student by providing quality enhance program i.e. QEEE- Quality Enhancement in Engineering Education in which institute is 'partner' for QEEE which an initiative taken by the Department of Higher Education, Govt. of India and IIT, Madras.
  • The institute motivates SC/ST students for achieving higher qualification by providing online resources for the preparation of GATE and competitive examination.
  • SC/ST Students are encouraged to obtain foreign and recognized university certification programs through MOOCS.
  • To keep minimum drop out the institute conduct remedial and tutorial.
  • To provide book bank facility for SC/ST students.
  • The institute's social 'E-builder' group through its extension activities contributes and helps poor and needy (SC/ST) children of ashram schools.


  • To ensure that at least two meetings per semester should get executed.
  • To identify current scheme and information benefited to SC/ST students.
  • To make all members aware about current scheme and information and ask them to inform students repsentatives.
  • To make follow up of whether members delivered current scheme and information to students repsentatives.
  • To communicate the identified information among students of respective department.
  • To conduct meetings effectively.
  • To take follow up of whether identified information is perculated among the other SC/ST students by student representatives.
  • To maintain the register of minutes of meetings.
Students Representative:
  • To attend the meeting regularly and positively.
  • To perculate the information discussed in meetings among other SC/ST students of respective department.
  • To inform member regarding any benefited students related to perculated information.
  • To discuss issue (if any) related to academics.