Sports Committee

Sports Committee

The Constitution of Sports Committee is as follows:

Sr. No. Name Department Position
1 Prof. Dr. J. B. Patil Director Chairman
2 Mr. N. S. Rathod Gymkhana Secretary
3 Prof. Dr. R. D. Badgujar E & TC Engineering Member
4 Prof. M. M. Mahajan Computer Engineering Member
5 Prof. Dr. T. H. Jaware E & TC Engineering Member
6 Prof. Kirange Y. K. Electrical Engineering Member
7 Prof. J. P. Patil E & TC Engineering Member
8 Gujrathi Sumit Yogesh Computer Engineering Member
9 Pawar Harshal Namdeo Mechanical Engineering Member
10 Patil Raj Jitendra Computer Engineering Member
11 Nikam Kalpesh Pradip E & TC Engineering Member
12 Patil Harshal Ishwar E & TC Engineering Member


  • To create zeal amongst students and faculty members towards sports.
  • To organize training, coaching, and education in sports for everybody so that they can learn to keep themselves physically fit.
  • To enhance the interest of participants in the field of sports.
  • To achieve the goals, we plan to organize various competitions in the following sports: football, cricket, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, chess, carom, and badminton, etc.
  • To promote every individual’s health, physical well-being as well as the acquisition of physical skills among the students.
  • The committee aspires to inculcate qualities such as sportsmanship, team spirit, and bonding.
  • It is designed to serve the interests of the student’s community in competitive sports and other recreational activities i.e. both indoor and outdoor.


  • The committee shall promote sports activities by motivating students and members of faculty.
  • Promoting team spirit by making healthy competition.
  • To organize regular sports events in order to train students for state and national level competitions.
  • To arrange for better coaching facilities.
  • Proper maintenance of sports accessories.